Flexible Dialing Modes

Flexible Dialing Modes

The major challenge for all the companies is penetration in the market to capture right market share. Once a company has right foot holding in the market then next challenge is to maintain the same.

To sort out both these challenges companies nowadays rely on telephony technology. Telephony technology getting used for cold calling, sales, marketing, customer support and maintaining the good relationship with customers. There are different calling modes in which a customer can be reached. Let’s take each mode and understand thoroughly.

01. Manual Dialer:
When a call centre agent starts dialling customer numbers by themselves then it is Manual Dialling. This is the least efficient way of conducting outbound call campaigns in larger call centres (based on Talk Time per Hour values). But this is the most cost-effective way to a very small call centre/office.

02. Preview Dialer:
In preview dialer, the application enables agents to understand the customer in detail by viewing the available customer information. The customer information includes the customer personal information, other general information and history of the customer with the contact center along with the feedback received. By understanding, this information agent can decide when to talk to the customer and what should be discussed.

Preview dialer makes agent and customer discussion for fruitful and effective which intern result in better company performance.

03. Progressive Dialer:
In Progressive dialer, the application will not allow an agent to decide when the next call should be made. Instead, the application will automatically dial the next number in the list on completing the previous call (or moving from “Wrap-up” to “Go ready”).

Progressive dialer minimizes the wait time between two calls and can improve productivity significantly. This dialer is ideal where the agents making calls are very similar in nature.

04. Predictive Dialer:
The predictive dialer is the most aggressive dialling mode. With other dialling modes, the agent waste lot of time during the call is ringing, not reachable, not contactable or connects to an answering machine. The solution to saving this time is to use predictive dialer.

Predictive dialer uses an auto-calling engine, which over-dials the numbers to make agents always remains on call. The predictive engine has complex and sophisticated mathematical algorithms which determine the percentage of unsuccessful calls and how agents are completing their calls. Based on this logic engine over-dials numbers from the list. This makes sure agents always get the human voice as soon as they become available.

Predictive dialers are typically used in very high volume low margin outbound contact centres where the efficiency of the agents and the cost per call are paramount – seconds matter.

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